The Manchester, VT Dining Guide

Barn Restaurant: Pawlet 325-3088 DINNER

Bistro Henry: Manchester 362-4982 DINNER 
          A Mediterranean style restaurant featuring classic and contemporary bistro.

Chantecleer Restaurant: Manchester 362-1616 DINNER 
          Known for exquisite dining, tableside service, seasonal game specialties.

Christos: Manchester 362-2408 LUNCH & DINNER 
          Informal dining, pasta, pizza, salads.

Equinox: Manchester 362-4700 BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER

Garlic John's: Manchester 362-9843 LUNCH & DINNER

Gourmet Cafe: Manchester 362-1254 LUNCH

Gringo Jack's: Manchester 362-0836 LUNCH & DINNER 
          Regional Mexican cuisine served in a charming 1850's brick house.

La Pizzeria: Stratton Mountain 297-3065 LUNCH & DINNER 
          Pizza, pasta, subs and salads. Full bar, delivery.

Little Rooster Cafe: Manchester 362-3496 BREAKFAST & LUNCH 
          Eclectic European cafe delights, creative luncheon specialties.

Manchester Pizza House: Manchester 362-3338 LUNCH & DINNER

Marsh Tavern: Manchester 362-4700 BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER

Mistral's At Toll Gate: Manchester 362-1779 DINNER

Mulligan's of Manchester: Manchester 362-3663 LUNCH & DINNER 
          Diverse and eclectic menu, dancing on weekends.

Perfect Wife: Manchester 362-2817 DINNER 
          Eclectic cuisine, tavern, live music on weekends.

Reluctant Panther: Manchester 362-2568 DINNER 
          Elegant candlelight dining.

Restaurant on Danby Green: Danby 293-5167 DINNER 
          Eclectic menu served in candlelit dining room.

Up For Breakfast: Manchester 362-4204 BREAKFAST - SIMPLY DELICIOUS! 
          and within walking distance from The Barnstead Inn.

The Works Bakery Cafe: Manchester 362-5082 BREAKFAST & LUNCH

Ye Olde' Tavern: Manchester 362-0611 DINNER 
          Continental Cuisine

Zoey's Deli: Manchester 362-0005 BREAKFAST & LUNCH